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Riverscape Counseling is a Counselor in Dayton, OH Welcome to Riverscape Counseling in Dayton, OH. We understand that life's everyday problems breed stress, confusion and anxiety, and sometimes a feeling of hopelessness, leading to disorders both physical and emotional. This distress causes difficulties in relating to others, and sometimes in relating to oneself. If this sounds like you, we may be able to help. In facing the unique challenges found on life's journeys, you could benefit from the support and help of a professional counselor.

As strong advocates for social and psychological human services, we work with adults, adolescents and entire families. We possess over 40 years of collective experience in helping people face their unique and most difficult challenges, and we offer to each client insight, understanding and compassion. To heal from past experiences, deal with current life issues, reach a greater potential, or improve your relationships, please explore the assistance available from Riverscape Counseling.

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